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Annual Meeting Abstracts

20th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology joint with 40th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Newropsychopharmacology

September 15-17, 2010

Last Name First Name No. Title
Leif Bertilsson SL1 History of pharmacogenetics in relation to clinical psychopharmacology
R Uhl George SL-2 Genome wide association data and Neuropsychopharmacology
Addington Donald CL-1 Recognition and Treatment of Depression in Schizophrenia
OGO MAKOTO S4-4 Recent progress of disease-modifying approach to the treatment for Alzheimer's disease
Takahashi Hidehiko S9-4 Prospects for the understanding impairments of social emotions in neuropsychiatric disorders
Tomotake Masahito S11-1 Relation among cognitive dysfunction, quality of life and clinical symptoms in schizophrenia patients
Sumiyoshi Tomiki S11-2 Neurophysiological basis for cognitive defi cits of schizophrenia and effect of psychotropic drugs
Green Michael S11-3 Social cognition in schizophrenia: Why is it important and how can we improve it?
Spina Edoardo LS1 Clinically relevant drug interactions with newer antidepressants
F. Green Michael LS2 Drug treatments for cognitive impairment in schizophrenia
Bertilsson Leif LS5 Antidepressant drugs – Pharmacogenetics and drug-drug interactions
Addington Donald LS6 Recognition and Treatment of Patients at Clinical High Risk for Developing Schizophrenia
Tanabe Yoichiro O1-B3 Examination of the comprehensive gene expression in the SK-S-SH cell by the LTG dosage
Yoshimura Reiji O1-C3 Effi cacies of a low dose atypical antipsychotic drug addition to an antidepressant and its effects on plasma brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels in refractory depression
Nakajima Shinichiro O1-C4 Benefi ts of Switching Antidepressants Following Early Nonresponse
Takeuchi Hiroyoshi O1-D6 How long to wait before reducing antipsychotic dosage in stabilized patients with schizophrenia? A retrospective chart review
Uchida Hiroyuki O2-F1 Predicting Antipsychotic Plasma Concentrations Before Titrating The Dose: A Population Pharmacokinetic Study
Unemura Kazuhiro O2-I 4 Glucocorticoid-induced inhibition of astrocytic proliferation by the decrease of the expression of glucocorticoid receptor in cortical culture
Furuyashiki Tomoyuki O3-L4 Roles of prostaglandin E2 and its receptor EP1 in adaptive selection of emotional behaviors
H Kalali Amir O3-N4 Crisis in CNS Drug Development: Current Challenges and Possible Solutions
Takano Katsura O3-P5 A dibenzoylmethane derivative inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced NO production in cultured rat astrocytes
Suzuki Yutaro P1-AVIII2 The wide variability of perospirone metabolism and the effect of perospirone on prolactin in psychiatric patients
Ishitobi Makoto P1-B2 Adjunctive treatment with low-dosage aripiprazole for blonanserin-induced hyperprolactinemia in a female patient with schizophrenia
Matsuoka Tadasu P1-C3 Change in the expressions of myelination/oligodendrocyte- related genes during puberty in the rat brain
Kawagoe Hirofumi P1-F5 Promoted expression of glia-derived neurotrophic factor in cultured rat cortical astrocytesexposed to nicotine
Kato Masaki P1-HI5 New functional variant in SLC6A4 gene as candidate of the individualized treatment of depression -The result of RCT-
Kerise Lyttle P1-K2 Effects of liquiritigenin and iso-liquiritigenin, which are isolated from Glycyrrhiza, on a menopausal depressive-like state in ovariectomized mice
Yoshimura Hiroyuki P1-K3 Psychopharmacological identifi cation of a new antidepressant-like component, (E)-9,10-dihydroxy-2-decenoic acid, from Honeybee royal jelly
Sugimoto Yumi P1-K4 Involvement of the sigma receptor in in anti-immobility effects of fl uvoxamine in mice
Rahmadi Mahardian P1-K5 Studies on drug dependence (Rept. 443): Research for the molecular mechanisms underlying sleep disturbance induced by chronic treatment wit SSRI and SNRI
Miller David P1-O4 Improving Data Quality Throughout the Course of Global Alzheimer's Trials
KONISHI SHIHO P1-RI3 Responsiveness of Ifrd1 as a differentiation regulator in neural progenitors to brain ischemia
SHIBA TATSUO P1-RI6 Regulation by ryanodine receptors of proliferative activity in neural stem/ progenitor cells derived from subventricular zone of adult mice
Oshimo Takashi P2-AII3 The effectiveness and safety of blonanserin in drugnaive patients with schizophrenia: An open label trial
Kato Masaki P2-AIII1 Lurasidone in the Treatment of Acute Schizophrenia: Results of the Double- Blind, Placebo-Controlled PEARL 2 Trial
Takekita Yoshiteru P2-AIII2 Effi cacy and Safety of Lurasidone in Schizophrenia: Results of a Phase 2, Placebo-Controlled, Study
Morita Michiaki P2-AV4 Silent extrapyramidal syndrome induced by aripiprazole
Nakano Wakako P2-AIX2 Reductions of polypharamacies of antipsychotic drugs with high dose in Japan; results from the REAP-3 study
Tadori Yoshihiro P2-D1 Action of aripiprazole, its metabolite and experimental dopamine partial agonists at human dopamine D2 and D3 receptors
Umezu Toyoshi P2-G6 Behavioral pharmacology of plant-derived substances (23): Effects of essential oils on ambulation in mice. Comparison with their effects on Shuttle type conditioned avoidance response
Nakayama Yukari P2-G7 Behavioral changes and neural regeneration after hippocampal dentate injury in mice
Iga Junichi P2-L1 Lithium decreases VEGF mRNA expression in leukocytes of healthy subjects and bipolar patients
Ikenouchi-Sugita Atsuko P2-N1 No association between polymorphisms of Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) Val66Met and psychiatric symptoms in systemic lupus erythematosus
Nishimura Katsuji P2-N2 Risperidone in the treatment of corticosteroid-induced mood disorders in systemic lupus erythematosus: a case series
Kuroiwa Mahomi P2-RII1 Role of phosphodiesterase 4 in dopamine D1 receptor/cAMP/PKA signaling in the frontal cortex
Sako Aya P2-RII6 Translocation of glutamine transporter expressed in C6 glioma cells
Nishizawa Daisuke P2-RII7 Association between GIRK3 gene polymorphisms and postoperative analgesic requirements after major abdominal surgery

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